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Seven Steps School, including all of our schools, is committed to acting on our new vision, mission and values statements. These new statements that emphasize student success and well-being reflect the future-focused and innovative organization that we are today.


Our purpose is to prepare, engage and inspire our students to be their best in a quickly changing global community.
"Looking beyond the horizons and preparing the child for the future" is the underlying idea behind each and every activity undertaken in the school. Therefore our endeavour is towards.

  • Providing education through experience and enrichment.
  • Providing environment to discern knowledge to attain and retain wisdom and character..
  • Activating pupil- centred teaching learning process through Creativity..
  • Revealing the inner strength..
  • Strengthening the "roots" and energizing the "wings"..


Seven Steps School is a place where exploration, creativity, and imagination make learning exciting and where all learners aspire to reach their dreams.


We Value:

  • Collaboration and engagement with students, parents and our communities. Our successes are not possible without these contributions.
  • Trust and mutual respect among all of our education stakeholders.
  • Inclusion and diversity within our schools.
  • Citizenship and recognize our central role in guiding students to understand their responsibilities and their place in the world.
  • Leadership in all places – everyone in our Division has the potential to be a leader.
  • Excellence, innovation and risk-taking.

We Believe:

  • Learning is the foundation of all we do.
  • Integrity and fairness are key pillars for student growth.
  • That confident, adaptable and resilient students are successful students.

We are:

  • caring and compassionate organization – guided by what’s in the best interest of our students.
  • Committed to providing safe and caring places for all students to learn.

We Embrace

  • Open and honest communication.