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School Premises...

  • Our School is very well protected and surrounded by greenery and bounded by walls from all the corners.
  • There are large spacious classrooms with computerizes projector with A.C.
  • There is a water purification plant,which provides pure cool water for students.
  • There is a regular medical check-up concerning about child's health.
  • Computer Lab with Modern Facilities.
  • Safe Transportation facility.
  • Activities are conducted for easy learning process.
  • Good approachable management.

Educational Premises...

  • Highly qualified and experienced staff.
  • Improving the communication skills in English.
  • Improving the writing and reading skills in English.
  • Weekly tests are conducted for all subjects.
  • Group discussions are arranged among the students.
  • Explained in an easy way to learn.
  • Personal care will be taken for dull students.
  • Teachers will be in touch through the parents meeting.
  • Teaching aids such as maps,science equipments and practical experiments are in use.