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From: Parents of - kevina tank

I am parent of kevina tank studying in seven Steps school std 1st.

Our child is taking more interest in online sessions in very good way which creates more interest towards study.

Thanks a lot & keep up the good work.

Excellent work by seven Steps family

From: Parents of - Daksh pal 2nd & Swastika pal 8th

I would like to thank 7steps team with their creativity & commitment & connectivity that have made with their students in this period of covid 19.

I really appreciate their efforts of teachers who whole heartily fulfill their duty n responsibilities of teaching that tooo in wonderful way.

From: Parents of - krishiv Rasania, 1st(D)

I am very happy for my child that he likes the videos and online teaching from school which we as a parents are receiving.

My child is learning something new daily by watching videos and teachers are putting great efforts for their child to learn.

Thanks to all the teachers staff and to the principal also for providing regular classes for kids with positive attitude in this pandemic situation.

- Regards, Pooja Rasania

From: Parents of - Riya Bodhanwala & Trusha Bodhanwala

" Online Education "

Since last 10 days my kids are attending online classes which has given an exposure to my both the kids. I would appreciate the school for the same making kids more smart in technical part and providing them academic knowledge . There is a drastic change in my kids from last 10 days. Usually they used to take mobile phone for gaming and you tube comic videos. But now they are exposed to videos which help them to improve their knowledge and skills. Positively speaking I support online education and expect the school will continue this under the condition of pandemic COVID-19.

From: Parents of - Diksha bhatt(

Dear Respected, We are very thankful to all teachers and Seven Step School for tremendous dedications for our children's education during this pandemic. Online education is very helpful for our children's knowledge and safety.

From: Parents of - Ovi Hire (Nursery-Noon)

You all r so hard working for child n m so happy for your teaching n coprative staff thanks to principal n all 7steps school teachers....

From: Parents of - Divy's Chhabada(1st-C)

I am grateful for 7steps team's efforts with their creativity n commitment n connectivity that have made with their students in this period of covid 19.

I really appreciate the efforts of teachers who whole - whole heartedly fulfill their duties n responsibilities of teaching that t000 in wonderful way.

Thank you all.

From: Parents of - Payal Sanghvi & Kavya Sanghvi(Nur.)

Respected school authorities,

We as parent very thankful to you for new initiative taken by you like doing online learning for my child in this covid19 situation.

My child is enjoying all things like video, animation picture to learn with interest.

Thanks to all teachers and staff who are connected with my child as friend. All efforts from your side are great & we also try for our child to do best things and expect a great outcome.

From: Parents of - Dharmi(5th) & Mahi(Sr.Kg.)

This is Paras Shah here.

Even though in this situation, I really want to salute the entire team of Seven Steps School how you have handle the situation and how you transform education from school to home.

My daughters are studying at home without much issue. Yes they miss the school a lot.

Teachers are giving maximum efforts to prepare videos, PDFs, video conferencing, etc. to educate our children the best possible way with the help of technology.

It is possible due to a great leadership of management. Special thanks to Komalmam for the great leadership.

I pray for good health of the entire team of Seven Steps School.

Together we can....we will

Thank you so much to all of you for everything you are doing in a best way