Republic Day

Republic Day celebrations in schools hold immense importance as they provide a platform to instill a strong sense of patriotism and civic responsibility in students. By commemorating the day when India's Constitution came into effect, schools emphasize the core principles of democracy, equality, and justice. These celebrations educate students about the struggles and sacrifices made to attain freedom and establish a democratic nation. Through flag hoisting, speeches, and cultural performances, students are reminded of their roles as responsible citizens who contribute to the country's progress. Republic Day festivities also promote unity by bringing together students from diverse backgrounds to celebrate their shared identity as Indians. Overall, these celebrations play a pivotal role in nurturing informed, engaged, and proud citizens who understand the value of democracy and actively participate in shaping the nation's future.

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Vasant Panchami

Vasant Panchami celebrations hold significance in schools as they honor the arrival of spring and the goddess Saraswati, the embodiment of knowledge, arts, and learning. By observing Vasant Panchami, schools not only embrace the renewal of nature but also promote the pursuit of knowledge and creativity. The occasion encourages students to rekindle their academic enthusiasm, seek wisdom, and engage in artistic endeavors. Through rituals like worshipping books and educational tools, schools reinforce the importance of education while fostering cultural awareness and a sense of spirituality. Additionally, the vibrant and colorful festivities create a joyful and harmonious atmosphere, enhancing unity among students and instilling a deep appreciation for both intellectual pursuits and the beauty of nature.

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Janmashtami celebrations in schools are of paramount importance as they facilitate cultural education and spiritual understanding among students. By commemorating the birth of Lord Krishna, students engage in traditional dances, artistic expressions, and educational activities that teach valuable life lessons and virtues from his stories. These celebrations foster unity, appreciation for diverse traditions, and religious tolerance, while also preserving India's cultural heritage and promoting holistic development in students.

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Independence Day

Independence Day celebrations hold great significance in schools as they serve multiple important purposes. Firstly, they help instill a sense of patriotism and national pride in students. Through various activities like flag hoisting, patriotic songs, and speeches, students are reminded of the sacrifices made by freedom fighters and the value of our hard-earned independence. Secondly, these celebrations foster a sense of unity and togetherness among students, teachers, and staff. Regardless of diverse backgrounds, everyone comes together to celebrate their shared identity as citizens of the nation. Furthermore, Independence Day celebrations educate students about the history and significance of the struggle for independence. This ensures that younger generations remain connected to their roots and understand the importance of maintaining the democratic values and freedoms that were fought for. Overall, Independence Day celebrations in schools not only pay homage to our country's history but also nurture responsible and informed citizens who are proud of their nation and actively contribute to its progress.

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Grandparents Day

"Grandparents Day at our school is a heartwarming celebration that brings generations together in a special bond of love and joy. As the school campus comes alive with laughter and music, the air is filled with the essence of togetherness. Grandparents, adorned with smiles and enthusiasm, actively participate in games and activities, creating cherished memories with their grandchildren. The event is a beautiful amalgamation of fun and respect, where blessings flow freely from the grandparents to the school's principal, teachers, and staff. A poignant talk on the significance of grandparents in a student's life reminds us all of the invaluable role they play as pillars of wisdom and love. This day is a tribute to the legacy they pass down and the warmth they infuse into our lives."

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Navratri festival

"Each year, our school comes alive with the vibrant spirit of Navratri as we gather to celebrate this joyous festival. The event is a delightful blend of tradition and excitement, where students, teachers, and even mothers participate in friendly competitions. The air is filled with enthusiasm as the campus resonates with the beats of traditional music and the dazzling colors of Navratri attire. The management's gracious gesture of providing trophies and medals adds to the thrill, motivating everyone to give their best. This event not only fosters a sense of community but also showcases the unity in diversity as we all come together to celebrate this auspicious occasion."

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Admission Steps


Step 1

Fill and submit the admission form.

We will contact you on given phone number/ e-mail to visit the school campus for counseling, interaction & verification of original documents.


Step 2

On the scheduled day the application form (available from school) has to be submitted along with the required documents at admission office.

Entrance exam will be conducted.


Step 3

Post satisfactory evaluation, further process will be initiated.

Information about the school, including academics, infrastructure and facilities will be explained along with the fee details.


Step 4

On successful completion of above process, the parents are required to complete the enrolment formalities by remitting the “Amount payable at the time of admission”

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