Educational Visits


Auro University Visit

College Preparedness: It helps students become familiar with the university environment, campus layout, and facilities. This can alleviate some of the anxiety associated with transitioning to higher education.

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Food Factory Visit

A food factory visit can be an invaluable experience for commerce students. It provides insight into the practical aspects of supply chain management, production processes, and cost analysis within the food industry. Students can witness firsthand how inventory is managed, production costs are calculated, and distribution channels are established. Additionally, they can learn about marketing strategies, pricing models, and the impact of government regulations on the food sector. Such visits enhance students' understanding of the business side of the food industry and help them apply their commerce knowledge in real-world contexts.

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Post Office Visit

Practical Learning: It offers a hands-on learning opportunity, allowing children to see how the postal system works in the real world. This can make the concept of sending and receiving mail more tangible.

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Hospital Visit

Appreciation for Healthcare Professionals: It's an opportunity for students to express their gratitude and appreciation for the hard work and dedication of doctors and other healthcare professionals who play a crucial role in maintaining community health.

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Science Center Visit

Hands-On Learning: Science centers offer interactive exhibits and experiments, allowing students to engage with scientific concepts directly. This hands-on approach makes learning more engaging and memorable.

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Gram Panchayat Visit

Understanding Local Governance: It provides students with a firsthand experience of how local government functions. This exposure fosters civic awareness and an understanding of the democratic process at the grassroots level.

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Fire Station Visit

Fire Safety Awareness: These visits educate people, especially children, about fire safety measures, the importance of smoke detectors, and how to respond in case of a fire. This knowledge can save lives.

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Admission Steps


Step 1

Fill and submit the admission form.

We will contact you on given phone number/ e-mail to visit the school campus for counseling, interaction & verification of original documents.


Step 2

On the scheduled day the application form (available from school) has to be submitted along with the required documents at admission office.

Entrance exam will be conducted.


Step 3

Post satisfactory evaluation, further process will be initiated.

Information about the school, including academics, infrastructure and facilities will be explained along with the fee details.


Step 4

On successful completion of above process, the parents are required to complete the enrolment formalities by remitting the “Amount payable at the time of admission”

Fees Payment